Epoxy Coated Concrete Floors

13 Jan 2016

Let’s explore some of your flooring options. Today we can consider very important points such as wear resistance, chemical resistance or a bright intense color. One of the most advanced option for your concrete floor is an Epoxy Coating technique. This type of concrete floor typically more expensive than another finishing types, but at the same time it is extremely more scratch, irrigate or chemical resistant. Plus, Epoxy Coating finish is less maintenance needed. This flooring solution is ideally for kitchen, bath or garage surfaces (tire marks and oil spots resistance guarantee).

OP Painting Epoxy Coated Concrete Floors

Looks outstanding bright and shiny, easy to clean and maintenance — that are the factors doing the Epoxy Coating one of the best floor options in your specific needs. As the experts in painting and concrete floor finishing techniques we at the OP Painting clearly understand that any dollar does matter for our customers in the home improvement experience. We do this type of concrete floor finishing in affordable and quality guarantee matter. Call us today at (916) 384-8892 for free consultation and we’ll guarantee the comprehensive detail explanation in your particular case.

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