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We in a hurry to your painting project

1 Dec 2016

exterior residential painting

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Your Home Atmosphere Matters

10 Mar 2016

exterior residential painting

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Commercial Painting Services

9 Mar 2016

OP Paintingexterior commercial painting

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How to Repair Cracks and Holes on Your Walls?

11 Feb 2016

Painting can transform a room. But, unfortunately, painting walls on cracks and holes will not make them disappear. So, it’s important to fix them before you’ll start your painting project. All homes can develop cracks by moving and adjusting under their own weight, or ceiling sit downs. Also, new holes can be as a results of removed pictures or shelves from your walls. To fix them you have to fill them with special fillers, but before you’ll start doing this step, cover your floors and furniture with masking materials, which is available almost in all supermarkets. This major step will protect your property against dust and micro cracks on sensitive surfaces.

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Garage Doors Exterior Painting Technique

10 Feb 2016

exterior residential painting

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Who we are?

2 Feb 2016

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Epoxy Coated Concrete Floors

13 Jan 2016

Let’s explore some of your flooring options. Today we can consider very important points such as wear resistance, chemical resistance or a bright intense color. One of the most advanced option for your concrete floor is an Epoxy Coating technique. This type of concrete floor typically more expensive than another finishing types, but at the same time it is extremely more scratch, irrigate or chemical resistant. Plus, Epoxy Coating finish is less maintenance needed. This flooring solution is ideally for kitchen, bath or garage surfaces (tire marks and oil spots resistance guarantee).

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Murals — Art On The Walls

3 Jan 2016

OP Painting Epoxy Coated Concrete Floors

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