How to Repair Cracks and Holes on Your Walls?

11 Feb 2016

Painting can transform a room. But, unfortunately, painting walls on cracks and holes will not make them disappear. So, it’s important to fix them before you’ll start your painting project. All homes can develop cracks by moving and adjusting under their own weight, or ceiling sit downs. Also, new holes can be as a results of removed pictures or shelves from your walls. To fix them you have to fill them with special fillers, but before you’ll start doing this step, cover your floors and furniture with masking materials, which is available almost in all supermarkets. This major step will protect your property against dust and micro cracks on sensitive surfaces.

OP Painting Repair Cracks and Holes on Your Walls How to repair cracks? Scratch them with special sharp tool inside and around to get rid of unstable edges and items. Make enough space for the filler inside the long cracks and in the holes. Other step — use the brush or wiper to remove the dust inside and around cracks and holes. If you will not take off the dust it make affect the dry and painted surface of the wall. Now you can add the filler! Use special tool with flat metal edge to apply a filler. There are many types of fillers on a market, but we recommend to use ready-mix, fast-to-dry types of filler.

After you’ll finish apply a filler let it dry well and sand with sanding paper to get rid off unwanted rest of dry filler. Try to make smooth and straight surface of the wall. Make sure the filler is completely dry before you’ll start this process. Now remove dust from the wall with the clean cloth and don’t forget to wear breathing mask and protective glasses before you’ll start all these steps!

Important! Prime all the filler and sealer spots before you’ll start painting. Use special primer for this purpose. Let it dry well and now you can start painting your walls!

If you think it is too tricky or time sensitive for you, please call us at OP Painting to get professional help with any of your painting projects: (916) 384-8892